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After completing the Master of Science degree in Pure Mathematics

Warning: the following content is apt for mathematicians only. Viewer’s discretion is adviced!

I found that I could represent my last score at Intec in the following formula (you can see all of the formulas I used in the My Final Score formulas in M.Sc. Degree.pdf):

letting t = 1 in the upper integral limit; the second expression, is a combination of Euler’s Gamma and Riemann’s Zeta function in an exponential.

Then, I realized that I could achieve the same thing, using the Newton’s integral, plus a convergence value (I give you a hint about it at the end) computing this one:

again, letting t = 1 in the upper integral limit;

Using the Khinchin’s constant, with numerical approx. value of 2.6854520010653064453097148354817956938203822939945.

Then, started finding other ways to render the same results with high accuracy:

or better this way:

Then, I found that I could achieve the same value, using the Srinivasa Ramanujan’s formula, combined with a known convergence for the hint I’m giving you, at the end of this page:

Then, using the convergence to Hypergeometric series, you find:

Some other mathematicians, found a similar result, deriving the Ramanujan’s formula, and then I decided to used it here, to compute my score;look at the beautiful product we have here:

Hint: use the following convergence results, given by the: Inverse Symbolic Calculator. Go ahead!

If you give up, then download this My Final Score in Post Degree word document, copy the content to another file with the .nb extension, open it in Mathematica and voila!

Good look!

Master Thesis Portrait

Master Thesis Portrait

My Diploma

My Diploma

Front Diploma HardCover

Front Diploma HardCover

My Avg BPI

My Avg BPI


Posted January 21, 2011 by hmarzan

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