Photos of John Nash – Father of Game Theory   15 comments

Doctor John Nash

Nobel Price Winner John Nash

Perfil of John Nash

1994 Price Winner for his Game Theory

A beautiful mind

The Professor John Nash

Nobel laureate John Nash Lectures

Dr. Jhon Nash, Princeton Picture


Posted August 3, 2011 by hmarzan

15 responses to “Photos of John Nash – Father of Game Theory

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  1. He had a Real Beautiful Mind…….I think he is best person in the world…….

    Mr Anushka Sohan Weerarathna
  2. I’m in full awe of such inspiring genius. Now I dream of my own ‘original idea’ to contibute to this world.

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  4. trully inspiring. I would like to stain such a mark in this life.

  5. i just watch beautiful mind which is told John Nash great you are, Proffesor

  6. Hey can I copy and paste this post on my web site? What references must I give? You might give this info for other people too.

  7. I have just watched ‘A BEAUTIFUL MIND’ which is truly inspiring.It motivates me to know more about the theories of Dr. JOHN NASH.I went through the books and what I really came to know is ‘THE GAME THEORY’.Now I am trying to understand how actually this works in modern economy

  8. he is really the sir john nash

    sairam vinnakota
  9. he is the sir of the minds

    sairam vinnakota
  10. I have just watched ‘A BEAUTIFUL MIND’ film ..& i cried.long time ……..really yuo are best PROFFESORE & best BEAUTIFUL MIND in the world ….i saw in my life …you’re Man capital words ……..God Bless you …keep your family. ….

  11. Many thanks for utilizing free time to write “Photos of John Nash – Father of Game Theory | The H++
    Programming Language”. Thanks a ton again ,Terry

  12. prof. nash dd play hes in pact in my life

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